Climate Change

The Solutions Project: 100% campaign

The People's Climate March in New York. Creative Commons: Sarah Golden, Solutions Project, 2014.

The Solutions Project accelerates the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy for all people and purpose by mid-century. Leveraging the latest science and analysis on available wind, solar, hydro and geothermal energy resources, this campaign engages both the public and policymakers.

The journeys to 100% have just begun. While each day more households, companies, and cities step forward, we have a lot of ground to cover in a short period of time. Policy change and stronger relationships at the state-level are key to ensuring all people can access the jobs, household budget, and health benefits of clean energy and efficiency.

The Solutions Project work to connect business, community, and government in target states like New York, California and Iowa in support of policies that raise the bar, increase the pace and scale of change, and ensure all people benefit from healthy, affordable and stable energy.

Climate Change

Through collaborative partnerships, we support innovative projects that protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, while restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. Our work is divided into six main program areas – Wildlands Conservation, Oceans Conservation, Climate Change, Indigenous Rights, Transforming California, and Innovative Solutions.

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