• LDF and Jackson Family Wines announce partnership to promote environmental sustainability

    Two environmental leaders, Jackson Family Wines, a leader in sustainability in the wine industry, and the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation announced today they are joining forces to promote environmental sustainability and raise public awareness about environmental issues.

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  • North American cities will see major economic benefits by switching to 100% renewable energy

    In a new paper published in Sustainable Cities and Society, colleagues from Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley provide roadmaps for 53 towns and cities across North America to obtain 100% of their energy from wind, water, and solar power plus storage.

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  • Geoengineering will not solve climate change

    Geoengineering schemes like BECCS that are meant to manipulate our ecosystems and global natural processes come with great risks and uncertainties, as well as with foreseeable adverse impacts on land ecosystems and human communities depending on them.

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  • One-third of the world’s protected areas are threatened by ‘intense’ human pressure

    A new study finds that a full third of protected areas have been converted for human use or are facing major pressures from development. It’s clear governments need to do more to protect vulnerable ecosystems.

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  • Pope Francis to oil executives: ‘no time to lose’ on climate change

    Pope Francis urges oil and finance titans to move away from fossil fuels and act quickly on finding clean forms of energy.

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